Friday 23 February 2018
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City News

This page features information, news, issues and initiatives impacting our neighborhood, the 3rd District, the city and other historic preservation organizations and neighborhoods in Long Beach, California. We invite your input!

Land Use & Urban Design Elements (LUE)

  • On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, the LUE plan and maps will come before the Long Beach City Council for final approval.  The City Council Meetings are open to the public and include an opportunity for public comment. The City Council Meetings are held at City Hall, 333 W. Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, California 90802, beginning at 5:00 PM.
  • Over the last few months, the Bluff Park Neighborhood Association Board of Directors has been engaged in discussions and meetings about the LUE with residents, city officials, the 3rd District Council Office, other nearby historic neighborhood associations, and various residents and stakeholders.
  • Councilwoman Suzie Price attended the Bluff Park Community Meeting on September 25, 2017, and engaged with our residents about hot topics, including a dialogue about the LUE proposal. She is interested in hearing the thoughts of neighborhood associations and individual residents.
  • On January 17, 2018, the BPNA President Jeffrey Mallin addressed residents during the Bluff Park Community Meeting about the board’s action to request a change (described below) to the maps for the Bluff Park Historic District, and he encouraged everyone, especially BPNA Members, to provide input and feedback.
  • Now is your opportunity to share your thoughts with the BPNA board.

Seeking Your Input to the BPNA Board on the LUE Proposal

On  January 11, 2018, the Bluff Park Neighborhood Association (BPNA) board of directors approved a motion to request from the City Council that the section of the Bluff Park Historic District called out for 5-stories on the western section — between Kennebec and Junipero and from Ocean and Broadway — be reduced to 4-stories.  Refer to the map below in the orange section identified with “5 ST”.

Board members surveyed the area and conversed with the City’s Advance Planning Officer Christopher Koontz. It was noted that 5-story and taller buildings are rare in that section (and aslo elsewhere) in our neighborhood.  There are multiple “contributing historic homes” that must be protected throughout that section.

The board felt that taller buildings run the risk of dwarfing the many historic homes, which are typically only 1-2 stories tall.

The board’s ask in reducing the height would not change the density; however, it would help to better maintain the existing overall massing and scaling of buildings in our neighborhood to what currently exists and help protect the neighborhood against further zoning changes and mansionization.

The BPNA’s stated mission is, in part, to protect the historic integrity and unity of the neighborhood.

The BPNA board invites YOUR INPUT now on its proposal to the City Council.

Please reply to us using the form below by Wednesday, February 7, 2018:


Seeking Your Input to Councilwoman Suzie Price on the LUE Proposal

Message from 3rd District Councilwoman Suzie Price:

The Land Use and Design Elements are scheduled to come before the City Council on March 6th after several years of community outreach and input. Although many have been critical of the planning department’s process, my office has worked to engage the community for over three years on this topic by holding community meetings, asking city staff to do presentations for neighborhood association groups, as well as providing information throughout the process, asking for input, answering and clarifying questions, as well as developing a series of changes I plan to make. I want to further reduce heights and densities where they would have a negative impact on the community, while maintaining some heights where additional housing would be a greater benefit to the community. Thanks to meetings and feedback from several neighborhood association boards, I plan to reduce height at the following locations.

Locations I plan to change:
  • Sections of the Redondo Corridor
  • Select areas near the Belmont Pier
  • East Broadway
  • The area of Clark and PCH
  • Intersection of PCH and Bellflower

Through these meetings and the input gathered, specific Third District resident concerns have already been heard by planning staff and have resulted in modifications to multiple drafts, however I want to make sure residents AGAIN have an opportunity to provide input on this important plan that looks at the future of our district.

Over the past year I have met with a number of community groups to discuss their specific concerns for their neighborhood, and how best we can ensure thequality of life in the district is protected while also making plans that put our city on the right track for decades to come. As a councilmember I have the responsibility to my residents to always have their best interests at heart, and I have the duty to think about the future of the district as a steward acting proactively to put our city in a strong position in the years and decades ahead. This conversation is important for our city to have as we look to create smart plans that protect our communities while looking ahead to address significant housing needs for students, for our local workforce, our seniors, as well as our younger residents looking for their first home.

I am glad many residents have decided to participate in the recent community meetings over the past few months. Your input is important and I encourage your continued involvement along with the many residents who have been engaged with this topic for years and have attended community meetings throughout the district over the past several years. As with all topics of interest, there can be misinformation on social media and other forums that leads to unnecessary debates. The LUE has not been immune from that. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of the most common misinformation and feel free to contact me if you would like clarification on any of these points.

We are one GREAT city and we need to have these conversations with that perspective in mind. Whether you are living on the East side or the West side, we all want to see our neighborhoods improved, and this means something different for every neighborhood as we must be realistic about the future of Long Beach and the needs we will have in future years, decades, and generations.

Housing is necessary, but where those changes occur must be done in a smart careful way that preserves our communities. So, with that in mind I am asking for additional input on the newly drafted maps. I wanted to provide another opportunity for residents to take the LUE survey that I sent out in the past as a place to express your thoughts on the Land Use Element of the General Plan Update. If you cannot fit all of your comments in the space provided through the software program, please email me directly at  It is very important for residents to be a part of this process which has and will continue to shape the end result. If you’re not at the table, then your community may not be heard, so please make your voice known. Please feel free to contact my office by email at, or by phone at (562)570-6300.

Link to 3rd District Council Office Survey on the LUE.   Responses to this survey will NOT be seen by the BPNA.  To provide your input to the BPNA board, please use the form in the section above.

 This page last edited on Janury 25, 2018.